Adventures in the Himalayas: Ladakh, Spiti, and Beyond

Adventures in the Himalayas: Ladakh, Spiti, and Beyond

Though many of the planned holidays are leisure trips but some destinations are such that put up a challenge or challenges for you to overcome. A favourite with bikers from across the globe visiting Ladakh has become friendlier with the Ladakh Tour.Ladakh lies within the Himalayan and Kunlun ranges and is known for its Tibetan culture  is often called “Land of High Passes.It is also known for being the coldest desert of the world.Make way through lofty mountains magnificent gompas and undulating rugged terrains to enjoy the trip to the fullest.It is hard to miss visiting monasteries like Phugtal,Hemis and Spituk.With the hassle free Spiti Packages plan your visit to the northeastern part of Himachal Pradesh ,Spiti means the middle land and is popularly known as “Little Tibet “.Spiti in recent times has gained popularity because of its snow covered mountains ,trekking trails and monasteries.Spiti is known for its Buddhist culture and houses monasteries like Key ,Dhankar ,Tabo and Kungri.The famous Chandratal Lake is crescent shape lake and a must visit attraction in Spiti Valley besides the Suraj Tal.Go for some fossil hunting at Langza and Hikikim which are brim filled with fossils and you can even buy souvenirs. Shift gears with adventure activities like trekking,river rafting and mountain biking.

Hemis National Park

Make the trip interesting as you visit the Hemis National Park with Ladakh Tour.This national park is a high altitude national park in Ladakh  and is known for its snow leopards .As it has the highest population of leopards in the area.The park came into being in 1981 and is protected by the Markha and Rumbak catchments .The national park is the second largest protected area after the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve and totally covers an area of three thousand square kilometres.It is a bucket list destination of any wildlife enthusiast.As it lies in the rain shadow area of the Himalayas most of park is laced with dry forests with fir trees at lower altitudes.The park protects are sixteen species of mammals and seventy three species of birds.Other points of attraction within the national park is the Hemis Monastery which know to host the two day long Hemis festival where unfurling of Buddhist paintings known as thangkas is accompanied with masked dance performances by monks known as chhams.

Chandratal Lake

With the Spiti Packages visit this most enchanting lake which lies at an elevation of four thousand and three hundred metres in the Himalayas.Located on the Samudra Tapu plateau in the Lahaul region it is also the source of the Chandra river.It derives its name from being crescent shaped and also by the way it reflects the moon.The hues of the lake keeps changing from reddish to orange to azure to emerald green and is considered as a holy lake.The tedious trek from Batal to Chandratal becomes mesmerising with the enamouring charm of the place.The reflection of sun’s rays make the water of the lake to appear crystal clear.The highlight of the lake is the Chandratal Lake Trek which is laden with scenic as well as panoramic views of the snow dusted peaks of Minar,Talagiri ,Tara Pahar and Mulkila.

Pangong Lake 

Pangong Lake is an unbelievable natural wonder to visit with the Ladakh Tour.It is located at an height of 4350 metres making it the world’s highest saltwater lake.The water of the lake has a striking blue colour which is in direct contrast to the arid mountains encompassing it.Pangong Lake stretches to almost 160 kilometres as one third of it lies in India and two third of it lies in China.Camping is not allowed near the lake but there is an ideal place some thirty two kilometres from Pangong Lake and is called Tangste.It becomes temporary home for many migratory birds and because of being salty it does not have any aquatic life.


The exhilarating and adrenaline pumping Spiti Packages take you towards a small village of Komik.It lies in the Spiti Tehsil of Lahaul and has a mere population of 130 inhabitants.It is world’s highest village and the name literally means ëye of a snow cock. Komik lies at a distance of eighteen from the town of Kaza and is situated at a towering altitude of nearly 15,027 feet above sea level.It is considered to be the highest village with a motorable road in the continent of Asia.Komic village houses the five hundred year old Lundup Tsemo Gompa Buddhist Monastery.As it is believed the monastery has “Matrey Buddha “or “future Buddha “ looks after the well being of the people of the village.The adventure lovers can trek throughout the region and enjoy memorable moments in the exquisite surroundings of Komik.

Nubra Valley

Ride the Bactrian camels as you visit Nubra Valley with the Ladakh Tour.The valley is encompassed by snow dusted Himalayan mountains and is easily accessible via KhardungLa.Nubra Valley is known as the Órchard of Ladakh.Visit the oldest and the largest monastery in Nubra Valley -Diskit Monastery or Diskit Gompa .It was established by Changzeb Tserab Zaongpo who was the disciple of Tsong Khapa who was the founder of Gelukpa.The monastery is adorned with statue of Maitreya Buddha along with huge drums and images of guardian deities.

Pin Valley National Park

Be astonished with the Spiti Packages as you visit the Pin Valley National Park.The park is known for protecting endangered Snow Leopards which are about twelve in number. It is part of cold desert and houses around twenty different species of animals and birds.As it is part of the freezing landscape this park was founded in 1987 is located at an altitude which ranges between 3,300 and 6,632 metres above sea level.The flora at the national park is characterised by dry alpine pastures and scrub forest.Some of the flora found here are known to be rich in medicinal quality and spices which are collected by local chemists for making medicines.