Cyprus Travel Guide

Cyprus Travel Guide

Cyprus is an amazing place to visit and explore if you're looking for a Mediterranean island escape. With crystal-clear waters, lush green countryside, and charming villages, it's easy to see why this is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Here's everything you need to know about planning your trip to Cyprus, from the best places to stay to where to eat and drink.

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Cyprus History

The island of Cyprus has a long and diverse history. The earliest inhabitants were the Minoan civilization, which flourished from around 3000 BC until around 1450 BC. After the collapse of the Minoan empire, the island was settled by Mycenaean Greeks, who founded two major cities on the island, Pafos and Kition. In 1194 AD, following a period of internecine warfare, the Byzantine Empire was forced to cede control of Cyprus to the Crusaders. The island subsequently fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1489 AD, who ruled it until 1914 AD when it was annexed by Britain as part of the Cyprus protectorate. Following World War I, Cyprus became an independent republic in 1960 AD, and since 1974 AD has been a member state of the European Union.

Cyprus is well-known for its stunning natural beauty - its coastline is lined with sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, while its mountainous regions are home to some of Europe's most impressive peaks. Highlights include Ayia Napa village - an UNESCO World Heritage Site - and Pafos town, which boasts a fascinating medieval castle and beautiful harbour. Whether you're looking for relaxation on a deserted beach or excitement in bustling

The Top Attractions in Cyprus

1. Folklore Museum of Pafos
2. Kykkos Beach
3. Kato Pafos
4. Ayia Napa
5. Church of the Holy Trinity, Pafos
6. Moni Napa and the Minoan Gallery
7. Anavasiobasis Falls
8. Glyfada Beach
9. Latchi Bay and its Beaches

How to Get Around Cyprus

Cyprus is a small island country located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. It has a population of approximately 1 million people and an area of just over 100,000 square kilometers. The country is divided into nine districts and three municipalities. The capital and largest city is Nicosia. Visitors can get around the island by car, bus, train, boat or bicycle.

Car rental services are available from most major international rental companies in Cyprus. Most rental companies have offices in both the main cities of Nicosia and Limassol as well as other major towns on the island. A limited number of accommodation establishments offer free parking for guests.

The main roads in Cyprus are maintained to a standard that would be acceptable in most parts of the world. However, visitors should be aware that some rural roads may not be well maintained and may require some care when driving. There are also a number of mountain roads which may require 4WD vehicles or high-clearance cars if travelling during winter months.

Public transportation is available throughout the island and fares are generally inexpensive compared to other areas of Europe. Buses operate between the main cities and smaller towns on the island while trains operate between larger cities and ports on the

Eating Out in Cyprus

There are a number of places to eat out in Cyprus, from luxury restaurants to casual eateries. All of the restaurants we've visited offer good food and drink at reasonable prices.

For a more formal dining experience, try La Ronde, which offers dinner menus that can cost upwards of €100 per person. Alternatively, you could head down to the harbourfront and enjoy some fresh seafood at one of the many beachside eateries.

In terms of budget-friendly options, head to one of the local markets and pick up a takeaway meal. There is usually something for everyone on the menu, making it easy to find something to satisfy your hunger.

If you're looking for a place to relax with friends after dinner, check out one of the bars in town. Most have live music and drinks specials that make it easy to get started celebrating.

Costs of Traveling to Cyprus

Cyprus is a budget-friendly destination with plenty to see and do for those on a limited budget. Travel costs can range from $30-$250 per day depending on the type of accommodation chosen and the activities taken.

The most expensive aspect of traveling to Cyprus is airfare, which can run upwards of $500 roundtrip from North America. Other expenses that can add up quickly include food, transportation, and rental cars. In terms of food, restaurants in Cyprus are moderately priced, though some items such as alcoholic drinks can be costly. Transportation in Cyprus can be pricey due to the high cost of fuel and parking fees. Rental cars are also pricey, with rates starting at around $50 per day.

For those looking to save money while visiting Cyprus, there are a number of affordable travel options available. Admission fees to popular tourist destinations like Kata Beach and Pafos can be avoided by using public transportation or by camping outside of these areas. Accommodation can also be found for significantly less than what is typically charged in major tourist destinations around the world. AirBnB hosts offer private rooms starting at just $30 per night, while shared rooms run as low as $

Weather in Cyprus

The weather in Cyprus is a mix of hot and humid summers and mild winters. The temperatures range from the low twenties during the day to the lower forties at night. In the summer, it can be very hot, with temperatures reaching up to thirty degrees Celsius. Despite the high temperatures, Cyprus enjoys a moderate amount of rain, so you're likely to be wet on most days. The winter is much milder and generally sunny.


Welcome to, the definitive source for information about Cyprus travel. Our comprehensive guide will help you plan the perfect trip, whether you are looking for a leisurely cruise or a more active vacation. From amazing beaches and stunning mountain ranges to lively cities and ancient ruins, we've got everything you need to make your travel dreams a reality. So start planning today and be ready to enjoy some of the most beautiful Mediterranean scenery on Earth!

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